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Analysing Data


TMG has developed relationships, processes and procedures focused on recovery of additional work & time extension change orders from the School Construction Authority (SCA) Change Order and Scheduling Units. TMG's experience has also allowed us to teach the Project Management Module for the SCA’s Mentor Program at Baruch College.

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TMG will create a fully customized construction schedule which can be easily altered if project conditions are altered while depicting your available resources and time frames.  We then maintain a technically sound construction schedule that will assist greatly if your project is negatively impacted by other entities. Ultimately, this simplifies the creation of change orders/claims much simpler.



More frequently, Ownerships are requiring integrity monitoring programs within contractor’s work flow. TMG can help protect your hard-earned profits by eradicating any in-house source of loss. We implement new processes and proper construction controls then perform regular reviews to maintain the changes to tackle waste/abuse on construction projects.

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TMG specializes in aiding contractors to realize and recover losses due to delayed construction and/or accelerated projects via the generation, assembly and submission of a project specific delay claim. Unlike other claims consultation firms, we also negotiate and settle these claims on your behalf, utilizing every existing avenue to maximize your return.



TMG reviews contract documents for feasibility, potentially harmful specifications, adherence to contract stipulations for correspondence on delays and/or change orders, mitigation of costs being absorbed, notice of delays, extensions of time, formulating schedule of values, maximizing return on the requisitioning process, minimizing any back charges to our clients, preventing the imposition of liquidated damages, et al.



We provide any and all project management duties, and we can be brought in on a project at any time. Throughout the course of your project, we will provide expert and professional services with two specific mandates: Maximizing your profit margin while maintaining the excellent reputation of your firm. 

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It is mandatory for Contractors to provide a site specific COVID-19 safety/action plan in order to re-mobilize on most construction projects. TMG’s Professional Engineer Staff have all the Safety Manager Licenses required to get you mobilized as soon as possible.  We are here to help.

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