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scope of work


Change Orders


  • COVID-19 Impact Claims - Change Orders (click for list of required documents).

  • Review bulletin, sketch, Notice of Direction, Change In Contract, base contract drawings, etc. in concert with your supervisory personnel to establish additional costs or credit amount.

  • Generate the CO cover sheet and calculation sheet(s) on SCA approved forms.

  • Assemble the CO package complete with all requisite backup documentation.

  • Follow up with the SCA Change Order Unit in order to expedite their review and Fair and Reasonable Estimate (FRE) issuance.

  • Expedite a meeting with the reviewer.

  • Negotiate and settle the COs at the Change Order Unit.

Time Extension

  • Review project documentation (RFI's, Bulletins, NOD's, Meeting Minutes, Notices, Correspondence, etc)  to establish a time extension narrative to be incorporated into the time extension schedule.

  • Review the time extension schedule generated by TMG or Client’s Scheduler.

  • Calculate the costs associated with the construction schedule deviation.

  • Meet with Joseph Topornycky's to obtain approval of time extension schedule.

  • Settle the number of compensable delay days with SCA scheduling unit.

  • Meet with Barbara McIntyre's to assess their FRE for time extension package.

  • Negotiate and settle the complete time extension costs.

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