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required documents

Prepare in folders as outlined below.

Share via DropBox (or file share).

  • Certified Payroll covering:

                  - The day you demobilized.

                  - Any maintenance/upkeep provided during the shutdown period.

                  - Job remobilization (if that's already occurred).

                  - Work/elements required to be removed/replaced due to shutdown.

  • Wage Rates: approved corresponding rates from project start date - present.

  • Document establishing Shutdown (Demobilization) / Re-start (Mobilization) dates:

                  - If available, provided as many of the following:

                  - Original NTP, NOD, email, notice, updated schedule, etc.


  • Management Personnel:

                  - W2/year & 1-paystub/year for the following staff on this project:
                  - Senior PM, PM, Asst. PM, Cost Control, Admin, Foreman/Super


  • Material Escalation: costs at bid vs. time of purchase during delay period.

                  - Required only if you have material escalation.

  • Equipment / Rentals: invoices for all items paid during shutdown:

                  - Scaffold/ trailers/ porto-sans/ shanty on the site during shutdown.

                  - Equipment purchased due to pandemic (i.e. masks, PPE, etc).

                  - Backup for the off site storage.

                  - (if stored in your warehouse, provide a quote from a similar service).

  • Insurance: General Liability rates for policy cost calculation.

                 - Rates from 2-year prior to project start date to present.
                 - It may be best to get a letter from your Insurance Broker.
                 - Invoices for any project specific insurance (if applicable).

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