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scope of work

     - Pre-bid feasibility Review

     - Pre-bid & Post Award Schedule & Design Review

     - Post Award Construction Management

     - Change Order and/or Delay Claim settlement

     - Contract Closeout Review & approve project schedule, identifying critical path

     - Generate 2-week look-aheads for project meetings

     - Generate and negotiate payment Requisitions for maximum billing and payment

     - Generate and manage all correspondence required

     - Provide progress construction photos as required

     - Liaison with the field staff and attend all meetings

     - Track all RFIs & Shop Drawings for quick turnaround

     - Minimize punchlist work and/or liability

     - Continuously monitor progress work & corresponding cost

     - Memorialize all forced demobilization and remobilizations

     - Generate and assemble all extensions of time as required

     - Provide real time cost control on home & field office

     - Identify & record all out of sequence, unproductive and/or inefficient work

     - Generate bi-weekly reports that contrast & compare actual cost vs. bid estimate

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