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"Orchestrating your Organization's Forces to Minimize the Effects of Delayed Construction Projects." This series will train you to more effectively present a delay to the Project Owner. An effective presentation will establish your firm's entitlement & improve your bottom-line.

Orchestrating forces

Part 1 of 5 - An attorney-engineer's perspective of orchestrating various departments in a construction contractor's company to mitigate delay damages. Construction Law issues pertaining to delay.

Evaluating your Claim

Part 4 of 5 - We have orchestrated our companies forces, collected the documentation, determined the critical path, it is time to Evaluate your claim.


Part 2 of 5 - Documents change the whole equation. The importance of documents in mitigating construction delays from an attorney-engineer's perspective.

Critical Path

Part 3 of 5 - Critical Path Method in relation to a construction project.

Live Example

Part 5 of 5 - Apply what you have learned with a live delay example.

Claim Process Outline

A talk given at the American Society of Professional Estimators about the claim process, the role of the Contractor's and how TMG will navigate through the negotiation process with the Owner.